LED: The Best Lighting for Your Gas Station

One of the main concerns of gas station owners is its maintenance.  They have a daily routine of checking the garbage cans, making sure that the lighting fixtures are working, and that the fuel pumps are working well.  There are many reasons why motorists stop at a particular gas station aside from convenience, fuel prices, and necessity, but there are others why they chose a particular station and not another.  Another factor could be the lighting of the gas station.  If you need to upgrade your lighting to LED, it can perhaps help you gas station get more customers.  If you will find out the reason why people consider or choose your gas station if can affect your bottom line and help your business grow.

One of the things that make customers choose a gas station is lighting.  During the night time, lighting plays an important role.  Try  going to the other side of the street from your gas station and check out if you lighting draws the attention of passing motorists.  Motorists should feel safe in your gas station with the right lighting.  If after looking you feel that your lighting is lacking in these important points, then you may want to consider upgrading your gas station to LED lighting.  The canopy lights of 24 hour gas stations used to have expensive High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures which have been in use over the last decade.  The energy consumption of HID fixtures is from 174 W to 400 W.  While using the same amount of power, constant use will soon make the light lose lumen output.  This means that they waste money and energy for less performance.  This fixture also require a ballast and this means more maintenance.  If you own an HID light then you will be spending a lot on its daily energy use and maintenance and if it breaks down it also has a high cost of replacement. Know about led lights improve gas stations here!

The benefit of using an LED fixture is that its energy consumption is less than 80% and it lasts longer 20x.  Reduced maintenance, emits virtually no heat, and a maximum 5 year warranty make LED lighting the best type to use.  When it comes to gas station lighting, LED is the lighting of the next generation.  Energy savings, brighter illumination, less maintenance than other types of lighting fixtures are the benefits that make LED lighting the choice over the traditional lighting fixtures, go here to know more!

There is now a solution for gas stations that want to upgrade their existing fixture without major modifications and this is the LED under canopy fixture which is a retrofit solution.  Replacing a 400 W metal halide fixture, has a 100W consumption, can be dimmed up to 30%, and lasts over 100,000 hours are the qualities of the LED fixture.  You ROI will is estimated to be less than 4 years, and it is possible to get a rebate from your local utility company depending on the location of your gas station. For more facts and information about gas stations, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_7613784_manage-gas-station.html .